Our Philosophy

Centuries before, pomegranate rinds were used as a natural dye for textiles to create deep, earthy, yellow tones. The tradition continues to this day and to honour it, our company strives to similarly nurture the vanishing techniques of Indian textiles. Our methods are entirely hand crafted, overlapping with modern designs to stay relevant.

White Pomegranate stands for timeless functional design in interior fabrics, with a strong sense of geometry that recurs unassumingly. Our designs invoke unpredictable atomic pattern arrangements, but none that are too obvious to the eye. Staying scientific in approach, we juxtapose shapes from daily life and nature, which are drawn and redrawn until they form a sense of accord.

Simplicity is key in the web of endless, complex shapes and structures. Floral patterns, usually sketched on paper, are unstructured and transferred onto cloth as is, to maintain the purity of line. Some are stylized, while others are preserved like natural drawings on paper.

Colour is as integral as design. Arbitrary in nature, it is used to challenge the viewer's “way of seeing”.