October 07, 2021


 Introducing White Pomegranate’s new Collection 2021

“Ma” - Ode to the Hand Stitch


 Design: Modern Lozenge                    Design: Kvet Pink      

White Pomegranate’s latest new addition MA is a hand-embroidered collection that celebrates the revival of the old and beautiful, in honour of different generations of women; from mother, mother-in-law to daughter trying to bridge different eras. It is taking you back to the past while connecting with the future and creating an aura of nostalgia bound in the new designs – Kvet, Bands, Modern Lozenge, and Ribbon.


Using many of the ancient and simple techniques of embroidery, the collection combines a colourful mixture of traditional and contemporary design, to become timeless pieces; even as beautiful heirlooms. These embroideries could evolve into unique framed artworks that are everlasting. 


Carefully handled on pure linen and completed using only pure cotton threads, the fine designs come to life with the use of modern colours, giving this ancient craft a new life. “A hand embroidery is very easily distinguishable to the naked eye versus a machine embroidery. My idea for this collection is to support a skill that needs conserving for generations to come because of its beauty and tradition. Here we are creating pieces of art” says Harmeet Kaur Ghumman owner and designer.


Kvet is inspired by 19th Century Slovak embroideries of colourful, festive folk dresses or costumes. Kvet means flower in Slovak. It celebrates and exemplifies the irreplaceable existing beauty and techniques of the hand stitch which the machine cannot replicate. We have used a sophisticated colour palette suitable for interiors. 


Bands is derived from the magnificent antique borders from the vintage Kantha bedspreads. Originally from West Bengal the Kantha stitch is also commonly known as running stitch. The bands were sometimes decorative and sometimes stitched as demarcations depicting stories of folk tales within them.


Modern Lozenge was inspired by the embroideries of Barron and Larcher from the 1920s. This design celebrates the simple stitches first created by hand, such as french knots, cross-stitch, and satin stitch. With no fixed pattern repeat, the design is playful and invites the younger generation to enjoy and appreciate embroidery.


Ribbon was made to compliment Modern Lozenge and is the only design in the collection to have a repeat pattern with its strong graphic lines. It is created as a statement piece to contrast with the delicate lines of the other designs in the collection, using only two prominent stitches, the primitive running stitch (kantha) and the classic zigzag. 


“I have always loved mixing the old with the new, whilst telling the story of the craft that has been passed down by generations”.


‘Ma’ by White Pomegranate is an ODE TO THE HAND STITCH...