February 18, 2021



        Feature and Middle image credit: Susie Atkinson                                               

White Pomegranate recently collaborated with award winning British Designer Susie Atkinson to create “Susie Atkinson By White Pomegranate”

White Pomegranate is delighted to announce  5 new stunning Ikat check colourways that were recently launched in Susie Atkinson’s 2021 debut fabric collection under her Studio Atkinson label - PLAINS, CHECKS AND STRIPES. The beautiful Ikat Check has a versatility that enables it to adapt to all living spaces. The elegant fabrics are now available to purchase on Susie’s website

Inspired by the classic CHECKERBOARD pattern White Pomegranate and Susie Atkinson, recreated a timeless design the “Check” using an ancient weaving method, the handloom ikat. The complex technique of hand Ikat is done by highly skilled artisans from India. These skills are passed on, from generation to generation and can be found only within that community, making it timelessly unique.

Originally produced in the Indigo Grey Colourway, the collaboration gave the design a vibrant new lease of life, with  5 new beautifully exclusive colours and shades for Susie Atkinson. The colours are all hand VAT dyed which is the oldest and most reliable dyeing method.  Here, the design is created on the yarn, with the help of rubber bindings before it is dyed in the vat, and prior to being put onto the loom. The mix of natural linen and the cotton has also given this fabric a more luxurious feel, adding to its chicness and elegance.

Susie explains ““I am always inspired by seeing things made by hand and the care that goes into creating something beautiful. It has been an exciting journey developing new designs with such experts in this craft. Plain fabrics, checks and stripes are included in all of our projects – they can work as well in a contemporary interior as a traditional one and in many different ways.”

Harmeet founder of White Pomegranate says “The process has been an exciting one, along with our shared passion for craft and natural textures. We hope that you enjoy using these naturally handcrafted fabrics in beautiful soft colours, as much as we have loved creating them.“